Alice in Wonderland feat. BRENDA


Oh hi again! (Side track alil. The BW picture was taken while road tripping in Bali. Up to the mountains!)

Anyway ya Brenda in Wonderland. Not sure is it a wonderland or lost island. Revealing my age alil. Im almost-nearing-close to-not far from-oh gosh 30!! Considered young to some people but definitely not me (ahem*women) yea so boys and girls around my age are starting to bid for their dream home, proposals, engagements, weddings, and BABIES. And here I’m typing away on wordpress with my mobile. I wonder how many people out there are like me, a headless chicken. No doubt i do have a job, a lovely boyfriend, a cute doggie and a supportive family and a branch of loyal friends. But something seems to be missing. Im sure it’s not peer pressure like when i get at least 2 invitations for weddings in a year, no intention to get marry any time soon too, well seeing babies popping from gfs tummy like consecutively makes me jealous cos i LOVE kids. But nevermind, thats not quite as important. Boyfriend loves me, Greatest things of all. Family supports my decisions. Doggie makes me forget about everything. So what’s there to complain about?

Hmm then I’m only left with one question which idk how to answer. Do i love my job?

Being in the airline for 3 yrs and that was my first full-time job, i learnt many new things, seeing the world with a bigger perceptive, interact with people from different cultures different races, learning how to adapt to multiple leaderships etc. And of cos visiting different countries on every flight gave me the freedom to explore. Truely enjoyable time and no regrets. However now, i landed myself in a media company. First time as well to be working in a publishing firm. Wow-ed by the fact that we often get invited by media for food tasting, for new product launches, mixing around with top brands as VIPs. Totally new world to me. Those are the peaks of my job! Buts! The flaws? Bad boss/not receptive boss/ no welfare boss/ money minded boss. Boss is the head of the entire company. No boss no us. Just 9 mths into my job, i have seen up to 10 employees come and go. Shortest left in A day. It kinda affect my motivation. Im wondering when will it be my turn. Recently one of my work buddy left too. Tbh im pretty lost too. Im covering all the shit work passed down by former staffs. The current employment is even lesser than the meal times im having everyday. 3 to be exact.

But what am i gonna do if i leave? I thought of setting up a business. Lots of ideas but no idea where to start from. I was doing some self reflection yesterday, like what am i good at? What skills i have? Whats my financial status be like if i want to start a biz? Do i have the confident to make it work? Etc. Then i realised NO was 80% of the answer. Oh loser~ can someone just slap me awake and guide me?

Need to step out of wonderland soon. Not gonna be ‘young’ forevaaaaaa. Sourcing for inspiration. Suggest a few if you can dear readers! You might be my saviour! 🙏

Signing off,

Brenda ♥


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