First blog post after MANY years

Hi Friendly giants. (Giants just randomly popped in my head)

Hi again. A very random decision to start blogging again. I was searching online like ‘how to start a biz’, ‘what biz to do’… and BECOME A BLOGGER was the Top 5 results, So ya, gonna work out a business plan here and earn some cash. Well that’s only if readers start investing their time on this site haha

Moving ahead! 3 years as a Flight stewardess left me pretty lost after i decided to leave the ever-fun loving industry. (Will share more why i left in another post!) I really do enjoy flying and visiting all the countries the carrier was flying to. Every single flight was a challenge. New set of crew, new set of passengers, new culture to adapt to. You gain more then you ever know. The knowledge on flight really taught me a good deal of knowledge not limiting to Food & Beverages and customer service.

As cabin crews of all airlines, flight crews including the Pilots (Tech crew- we like to call them) are trained in First Aid and  Emergency procedures- Emergency landing/ditching, Planned landing/ditching, decompression/turbulence management etc. Your life as a passenger is so important to us. Safety comes first before anything else, yes even your glass of water.  Flight crew has lots of roles and responsibilities when it comes to safety. Effective communications is needed from Pilots to In-flight supervisor to all ranking/non-ranking crew, even to passengers. One miss comm may lead to a deadly situation. We had read so many articles regarding air crash incidents, thankfully I always had a safe flight. But better safe than sorry. (Sorry to bore you, this paragraph wasn’t intentional)

Let’s me come to the main point. Feeling pretty lost in life, nearing my 30s but I still don’t know what i want. Don’t get me wrong, life is still great. Good boyfriend, owns a dog (Jojo), sufficient money to spend (with alil saving), have a not-too-bad job but certainly not enjoying the whole job scope. Do not have much skill sets, limited education certificate, cannot bake, cannot cook, probably only best at talking (that lands me at my current sales job hahah)

Anyone willing to share some life thought or experience on how your nearing 30s life is like. I would like to hear some real thoughts, it makes me think more.

Cheers giants! i will see you back on the next post. (Currently taking time out during work to write this!

Signing off,

Brenda ❤


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